In an effort to keep up contact with all of the young men who have spent some of their days at St. John’s Home, we have an Alumni Association. The Alumni Liaison, Rita Tortorelli, invites all former St. John’s Home residents to send in their names, addresses, email, and other information so that they may be added to the mailing list if they are not already on it.

(Left to Right) Joe Gallagher, Steve Suida,
Brother Carmine Annunziata, S.M., Jim Shea, PHD
Those on the mailing list receive “Echoes of the Home”, a newsletter from the Alumni Association highlighting information about the alumni as well as activities that St. John’s has several times during the year. These activities bring together the alumni and their families so they can enjoy fellowship with former residents.

St. John’s alumni list also includes former staff members. We invite them to send in their information so that they might be included on the mailing list for the newsletter.

The Alumni Association is eager to hear from former residents and staff. Do you have any stories you would like to share? Rita Tortorelli would be delighted to get them and include them in the newsletter.

Rita Tortorelli's email address:

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