Don Crawford

I came to St. John's at the age of 15 years old, in the year of 1985.  I came as an angry, lost, unloved, physically and emotionally abused kid who didn't trust a soul.
I remember the very first evening entering the office of Child Care.  The thoughts that were running throughout my mind were far from good.  I was ready to defend myself by all means.
Throughout the days, which led to weeks, to months, to years, help me to see that everyone was not out to hurt me.  There was staff that made me feel loved and cared for, such as Leon, Mama Deb, Bernard, Stan, Pollagard, Ms. Ann, Ms. Diana, Paul, Nat, Dr. Scallion, Brother Tom, and Gene Walse, to mention a few whom I love unconditionally. These individuals that I've mentioned gave me what I needed from my family, which was genuine love.
Throughout the years, I have visited St. John's to let these individuals know that their work was truly a godsend. Although it didn't happen overnight, they gave me the ability to love others and accept love from others. But most importantly, they taught me how to allow my self-love to overpower the anger that lived within me.
Over the years, I always wanted to repay these beautiful individuals that so gracefully help me, so I decided in 1990 to give back by helping the same children that needed the same care as I did.  I will continue to help those that need it.
"For every negative, there is a positive that lies within if we choose to search for it."