St. John’s Camping Trip
September 12-15, 2015

During their recent camping trip to Pompanuck Farm in Cambridge, New York, the boys from St. John’s enjoyed all the traditional activities that have marked our many previous camp trips: swimming on the pond, relaxing in the sauna, hiking in the woods, playing ping pong, basketball, table games, cards, etc.

This year’s trip had a few extra activities. Scott and Lisa suggested we go into the town and visit the Farmer’s Market. We did, and it was a wonderful experience. The townsfolk were very welcoming, and our boys and staff met many of them and enjoyed participating in some of the activities. An added bonus was the free ice cream sundaes a local vendor made available to anyone who wanted one. Our visit was a good opportunity for our boys and staff to mingle with folks from the town. Since the Market took place directly behind the Roundhouse Café, the campers all got a chance to visit Scott and Lisa’s popular eatery and gathering place for many of the Cambridge residents.

Another wonderful highlight which drew rave reviews when we evaluated the events of the weekend was our visit to the farm of John and Marie Katz. This beautiful couple opened their hearts and their homes to all of us as they have in the past. This year a new pony was added to the farm, as well as a young Border Collie. Our boys had the opportunity to get to know the animals up front and personal. John and Marie spoke about the animals and invited the boys to feed the donkeys and the new pony directly from the palm of their hands. After getting the boys comfortable with the animals, John invited all to the pasture where he demonstrated the techniques used to train the new young Border Collie. The boys were amazed at the bond of obedience and affection the dogs had for John. A sudden rainfall had us all scurrying for cover, but John assured us that he would stop by at Pompanuck the next day so the boys would have more time to play with the dogs, and that is exactly what happened. At Pompanuck, the dogs and boys hit it off royally, and they played on land and in the pond. John, an accomplished author and dog trainer, remarked that he could see how some of the boys had a particular relationship with certain boys. We all appreciated John and Marie’s generosity and interest in all of us.

As usual, our days at camp had all enjoying delicious and plentiful meals, thanks to Lisa and Scott, as well as Jane Rodier, who, with her husband Wally, have volunteered to help in many ways. Jane’s spaghetti and meatballs were perfecto!

The evenings before we departed for our trip home, we talked about the things we did and highlighted some that we found particularly noteworthy, though all had their merits. Words of appreciation went to Scott and Lisa, Wally and Jane, and Counselors, Tony and Mike. It was a winner!

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