St. John’s Fall Camping Trip Oct. 11-14, 201

Aside from a slow moving Van Wyck Expressway, the ride up to Camp Pompanuck in Cambridge, New York, was smooth and problem less. Nature, with her Fall foliage getting ready to break forth, made the ride up more enjoyable.

As usual, Scott and Lisa Carrino welcomed the boys and staff with open arms. Even Dioggi, their aging, but adorable, dog was glad to see us all. Aside from the many activities which are regular favorites of the boys: football, Bombardio (variety of dodge ball) basketball, a visit to the monastery to see the German Shepherd dogs, board games, and musical activities, this trip had two additional features, one planned and one unplanned.

The planned activity was made possible through the generosity of a neighbor of Pompanuck, a palm reader and analyst who volunteered to read the palms of any boys or staff who wanted it. Most were eager to have their palms read and delighted and intrigued by how much he could tell them.

The unplanned activity was a power failure that left the place in the dark. No lights, no water for 12 hours. That means no dishes can be washed, no toilets can be used, no electric heating. To flush the indoor toilets, buckets of water had to be drawn from the pod and poured down the in house toilets. That process resulted in sewerage blocks, and a headache for Scott the next day. The lights went back on at 4 AM. Everyone took the inconvenience in stride and we actually enjoyed the candlelight supper.

In the final evening’s session, where each boy and staff was asked to mention the highlights of the trip, it was clear that the days were a wonderful experience for all concerned, and, of course, the question some of the boys raised as we arrived at St. John’s: “When can we go back again?”

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