St. John’s Fall Camping Trip
Oct. 11-13, 2013

All residents and staff arrived safely and soundly to Scott Carrino’s warm and welcoming reception at Pompanuck Farm in Cambridge, New York. The campers were hoping that the “iffy” weather forecast, with its threat of rain, would not come to pass. On the contrary, no rain, lots of sun. It could not have been better.

As usual, a variety of camp activities kept everyone happily occupied. Though the pond water was VERY cold, some brave campers ventured in for a quick dip, but no one stayed in more than a minute or so.

Many of the residents and staff undertook the challenge of climbing Mt. Tom. They all did it! In fact, when they returned, they were accompanied by a sleek, black retriever dog who attached himself to the hiking party and followed them all the way back to Pompanuck. Lisa knew the dog belonged to nearby neighbors and saw to his return.

One of the highlights of the weekend was a trip to the farm of best selling author, John Katz, where all were amazed at the skills of a sheep dog named Red. The boys also learned much about donkeys and had the chance to pet and feed them carrots by the dozens.

Bombardio, a variety of dodge ball, found an enthusiastic group of residents trying to bombard the opposite team into subjection.

On return from the hike and after a hearty lunch, the boys had the chance to enjoy one of their favorite activities -- the sauna.

Some of them were courageous (and hot) enough to try the pond again. But, even though the sun was shining; the water was still too cold to prompt staying in more than a minute.

The final evening was marked by a camp fire where all shared what their highlights, along with words of appreciation to Scott, Lisa and staff for all they did to make the weekend the wonderful experience it was. Scott and Wally shared some of their music and guitar skills.

All went back to the yurt where the strenuous hike, good food, relaxing sauna, and centering tai chi exercises had all of them in their sleeping bags -- no pillow warfare.

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