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President of the Alumni Called Home by God

Henry Carrique, long time President of the St. John's Home Alumni Association, died in Coney Island Hospital on January 9, 2010. He was buried at Greenwood Cemetery. May he rest in God's peace. Our deepest sympathies to the entire family.

Henry Carrique

Henry Carrique R.I.P. January 9, 2010

On Feb. 7th, the Alumni will pay special tribute to Henry's faithful service over 20 years. He brought to our organization much joy and drive. He was a working man's President. When we were both in the sixth grade, the Marianists came to St. John's and introduced sports. Henry was our star pitcher. We had no million dollar contracts, but we had a lot of fun, and we won our share of games. Henry tried very hard to find former Home boys and invite them to be part of the Alumni. Under his leadership, the Alumni did much to help St. John's. Some of the projects that Henry spearheaded were installing the lights in the yard so that the boys could play at night, the Mary Shrine in the Alumni Garden, and the Commemorative Square. Despite his own illnesses and difficulties the last few years, he faithfully came to our reunions. We will miss his smiling face and gregarious spirit. In his honor, the Alumni will sponsor a brick in his name in our Commemorative Square.

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