Since the beginning of the school year, our on-property St. John’s basketball team has been competing with other schools in the hopes of becoming the champs. It almost happened. Some say almost is not good enough. However, the enthusiasm and team spirit that our boys and their dedicated coach, Mr. Antoine Morris, generated, not only among themselves but also with the agency and school personnel, made the experience very worthwhile.

The team’s excellent performance and record earned them a slot at the final game which took place on April 12th in Flushing, New York. St. John’s had a considerable lead in the first half of the game. However, a strong Summit team came back with a vengeance during the last half, particularly the final quarter. Apparently, they caught on fire, a fire the St. John’s team could not put out.

Of all the games that St. John’s played this year, it had its largest cheering section for the championship game. There were many faces of disappointment on the part of the St. John’s fans as they left the gym, especially when the first half of the game made it look like it would be a slam dunk for the boys from Rockaway Park. The school and team are looking forward to next year. Then, we hope, the outcome will be different. We salute St. John’s team and their coach, Mr. Morris! Great work!

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