Alumni Beautifies Garden

Those who have visited St. John’s in the past several years know of the beautiful garden and statue of Mary next to the Administration Building on 111th Street. It is a very picturesque spot, but it requires attention to keep it in shape. So, the Alumni Association decided to put themselves to the task. With the assistance of St. John’s staff member, Junious Swepson, the Alumni manicured the beautiful spot. We have a couple of pictures showing Julian Colelli whacking weeds and Steve Rizzo and Father Paul Landolfi tending to the grotto. Unfortunately, one of the angels on the side of the grotto lost his (or her) head. Aren’t angels supposed to be calm? At any rate, Father Paul and Steve Rizzo saw to it that the angel got a head; we all want to get a head sometimes.

If you happen to be in the area of St. John’s, please stop in at the grotto. It’s a great place for not only meditation and prayer, but also pictures and relaxation.

You may notice that in the picture of Father Paul and Steve, there is no statue in the niche. A picture shows Mary standing out on the lawn. Actually, that statue was in very poor shape because time and the elements took their toll. Steve Rizzo did a wonderful job restoring it. Mary was patiently waiting to be relocated in her grotto after the renovation work was completed. She was so installed.

Thanks very much to Father Paul, Julian, Steve and Junious Swepson. Their efforts paid off, and we will have to continue to devote attention to Mary’s garden as the summer progresses.

We always like to hear from our alumni or staff members who served at St. John’s. You know our website. Why not email us and keep us updated on what you are doing?


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