The Alumni Summer Picnic group gathered on Saturday, July 8th. In addition to the expected story swapping about the good old days at St. John’s, there were some other activities that kept the group’s attention. Father Paul Landolfi, the Alumni Moderator, passed out a “quiz.” The purpose was to identify alumni members who fit that description. For example, who wore suspenders? Peter Martin scored the highest in the group, but all enjoyed the quiz. It prompted reminiscing about the “good old days.”

In addition to Father Paul’s quiz, Brother Ray Miklich had a game his brother invented. It consisted of tossing a little roll of tape into a hole. Sounds primitive, but it caught the attention of several of the participants. It looked as though Brother Tom Trager and alumnus, Richie Gomez, were the clear champs in that area.

Of course, there were some good eats at the buffet table, and a number of the present St. John’s residents “caught the scents” and came over for their fill. There was enough for everyone, and even some to spare.

The day concluded with a celebration of Mass in the Chapel Conference Room. All were happy to share those hours together and appreciated the fact that the weather cooperated entirely.

If you have anything you would like to report to the alumni or get out to the rest of the St. John’s family, please do not hesitate to send it in to St. John’s for inclusion on the website. Of course, if you know of other St. John’s alumnus who should be on our mailing list, let us know.

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