Every year, some of the residents of St. John’s head northward to Cambridge, New York. Near that town, they camp out at the Pompanuck Farms Institute. Pompanuck Farms has 90 acres of beautiful property. The main attractions for the camping experience are the swimming and other outdoor activities. The food is sensational! Scott and Lisa Carrino, the managers of the camp and property, both love to cook and serve people with hearty appetites. So, both of their loves are fully realized when our residents hit the property. There are never any complaints about the food and how plentiful it is. One of the unique meals is Breakfast Pizza. Ask any of the residents that attended the camp how good that was.

There were some team events. Here are the team members:

Lions Tigers Panthers
George Jalik Devin
Paul Stefan Richie
Daniel Mike Julio
Joseph Benjamin Justin H.
Justin M. Donte Kenneth

The weather was generally good, but there was one very rainy day on Saturday. However, that rain did not put a damper on the creativity of the group. Some of the campers found a hill with very slippery grass. The heavy rains made the hill a great spot for plopping down and sliding down on the grass to the bottom of the hill. There were indoor activities for those who preferred to stay out of the rain.

Some guys liked to swim so much; it was hard to get them out of the pond. However, whenever the meal bell rang, they came running. Although not all of the boys could swim, some of them got some basic instruction and are much better at the task than they were when they got there.

As you can see from the pictures, the boys stayed in tents. Brother Tom, Richie Gomez, and Mr. Wally Rodier stayed in the yirt right near the tents. On Saturday, it rained long and hard and the rain got into the tents. All of the sleeping bags were put into the dryer at the main house and were ready for a comfortable evening. The final evening, there were some reports of animal noises in the woods. No one saw anything, but some imaginations were feverishly at work.

Wally and Jane Rodier generously volunteer their time to accompany the boys to camp each year. One of Wally’s talents is in the area of music. So, the rainy day gave him the opportunity to instruct some of the guys on the piano.

One of the most exciting times was the races across the pond. The teams had to go across the pond on a very large surfboard, pick up several items, and bring them back to the other side. The items included a couple of hula hoops, and three balls. One was a very large one. Devin designed a very creative way of doing it and his team, the Panthers, won that event.

There was also a great deal of enthusiasm around the basketball foul shooting. Although the score was close for a while, the Tigers finally pulled significantly ahead in the last round.

Needless to say, the vans carried some tired campers back on Sunday. But, everyone enjoyed the event. Some are looking forward to next year already.

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