On Monday, the 22nd of January, the Marianist community invited the staff to join them in a luncheon commemorating the feast day of Father William Joseph Chaminade, founder of the community. Blessed Chaminade was born in France in 1761 and died in Bordeaux on January 22nd, 1850. He was beatified on September 3rd, 2000. He founded the Society of Mary (Marianists) in 1817. Since then, the order has spread throughout the world and has done a great deal of good for many people through education, counseling, social work, social justice efforts, retreat work, and many other ministries. The Marianists are here at St. John’s as well as at Chaminade and Kellenberg High Schools in Long Island. There are many other works and ministries of the Marianists throughout the world.

The luncheon featured six foot heroes of roast beef and chicken cutlet, salads, and a beautiful custom made cake in the shape of an open book. The Marianist Community of Father Paul, Brother John Collins, Brother Ray, and Brother Tom were hosts for the event and were delighted to share this luncheon with all those who attended. All who attended enjoyed the occasion and we thank the Brothers for their warm hospitality.

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