After remaining undefeated for the whole season, St. John's Basketball Team went on to win the Championship on May 11th, 2007. What an accomplishment! Congratulations to Coach Antoine Morris and the players: Rudy, Charles, Mike, Theodore, Justice, Melvin, Tyquan, Maurice, Starlin, Augustine, Isaiah (statistician).

Watching our boys play basketball is always like watching a symphony orchestra. Never more so than in this game against Lowell for the Innovative Basketball Association's Championship, played May 11th at the ElmCor gymnasium. In an orchestra, all the brass, the strings, and the percussion instruments depend on each other and integrate themselves to provide a beautiful melody, So, in this game what did we see? The team played a good defensive game as our guards blocked some of Lowell's best shots and passes. St. John's was fast and aggressive in its march to the basket with eye-catching passing, remarkable dribbling to avoid turnovers, and simultaneously, some great steals off the Lowell team.

But do not think for a minute it was an easy game to win. We won by one point in the last 7 seconds of the game as Augustine made his shot. It was this way throughout the game. At the end of the first quarter the score was 13-13. At the half it was 21-21. The third quarter showed us leading by two points 36-34. The final score, after a very hard fought game, was 44-43. St. John's took the championship, knowing that Lowell made them work for every point. St. John's beat Lowell twice during the season by a large score. Coach Morris attributes the toughness of this game in that Lowell did not play our fast-paced game. They might have beaten us at the foul line. They made only 10 of 23. We had 8 for 8. Last year, we lost to Summit in the final game. For this season, Charles was the consistently high scorer, averaging 12 + points a game. The team practiced every Tuesday and Thursday. Their home court was the gym at Lost Battalion Church in Far Rockaway.

But in a symphony there is always the maestro who coordinates the various instruments, so too Coach Morris conducted the St. John's team to victory. Through his efforts to develop the skills of the boys, to insist on the priority of education, - these are the points that helped add to this season's overall great year in school. To play, students were required to pass all their classes and be cooperative with the staff in the school. This was strictly enforced. To the coach and each one of the players we offer our sincere congratulations and wish them well for their future. It takes brains to use one's skills well. We hope all our boys will keep up their efforts to be all they can be. Can we do the same next year???


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