St. John's Special Autumn Camping Trip

It used to be that St. John's went camping at Pompanuck Farm once a year, in July. This year, the July trip was so successful that we headed there for another weekend to join in the activities of the Cambridge Balloon Festival. Though threatening thunderstorms did not permit the launching of the balloons, the boys had a great time at Pompanuck Farms and were aching to return before the year was out. It happened! From October 4th to the 7th, the St. John's crew spent another wonderful time camping in unseasonably warm weather which permitted non-stop use of the ever popular pond.

The weekend included a visit to the New Skete Monastery, where the boys had the chance to play with the new German Shepherd puppies that enthusiastically took to the attention of the St. John's boys. The monks had cheesecake and liquid refreshment ready to go (and it did) right down hungry teenagers. After a tour of the chapels (old and new), the boys headed back for some swimming in the pond.

Wally Rodier, an accomplished master of the ukelele, had enough instruments to tutor those interested, and on the final evening gathering, we heard a couple of selections by his band of neophytes.

Two hikes on the nature trails (1 silent) that lace Pompanuck's acres were also on the list of activities that helped make the days fly by and tired the young men, readying them for their tents and a good night's rest.

Thanks to Scott and Lisa Carrino and Jane Rodier the meals were plentiful and superb, including Scott's special pizza breakfast which the seasoned Pompanuck Campers look forward to as a regular feature on the last day of the program.

Brother Tom Trager, Wally and Jane Rodier, Richie Gomez, Todd Ehalt, and Emileah Aguilar from St. John's complemented Lisa and Scott Carrino to make the staff complete and versatile.

Now, we are looking forward to our next trip and hope it will give us a chance to experience Pompanuck when it gets its winter white coat.

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