Another winner!  Thanks to Rita Tortorelli’s skilled coordination and the cooperation of many of the staff members and residents, St. John’s Day was another wonderful festival.  Staff, residents, relatives, friends, neighbors and other special guests had a joyous time participating in the many activities.  Thanks to Norman, Jennie and Sheila, as well as others that pitched in, the food was tasty and plentiful.  Our staff DJ, Rob Alexander, did a great job making sure there was music throughout the day.

There was something for everyone:  basketball, a ride, poster contest, a potato sack race, staff and resident prizes, a boardwalk run, crafts, a visit from our friendly clown and balloon sculptor, volleyball, and the opportunity to connect with friends and meet new folks.

The weather cooperated and all went home with words of appreciation.  Another great St. John’s Day becomes part of our family’s history.

Please check our website pictures of the event.  The smiles will say it all.

Click HERE for our St. John's Day 08 Photo Gallery

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