We were all worried. The weather forecast was pretty threatening. There could be storms. In fact, during the early setup hours, there was some drizzle. The sky looked ominous. But, as the day wore on and the people collected and events began, the sun turned out to answer the prayers of those that were hoping for beautiful weather for our St. John's Festival 09.

The events started with the mile run on the boardwalk. A dozen boys and a couple of staff members participated as well. Winners received medals on the spot. The run was followed by the traditional interfaith prayer service and presentation by Brother Tom. There were raffles for prizes for both staff and boys.

Following that, it wasn't long before the sumptuous meal was served. It was a great spread with something for everyone. The day was filled with the many activities we have all enjoyed in the past. There were some new events. A talent show brought out some pretty competent dancers and an electric guitar player. There was some impromptu group dancing, and a special foul shooting contest. Everyone could participate in both of those events, and many people had a great time doing so.

This year was marked particularly by the return of many of the former residents of St. John's, our special alumni. It was obvious that they were delighted to see their old friends and staff members. The staff recognized how the boys have grown and matured.

There were many prizes and awards, games and activities for everyone present, including the little people who delighted in the presence of the clown and the arts and crafts.

The weather held out and so the day was brought to a very nice close as a remnant of the alumni played basketball long after the crowd was gone. It was a beautiful get-together of the St. John's family. We are already looking forward to next year

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