Despite a traffic delay on the Van Wyck and Whitestone Bridge, the trip to Pompanuck went smoothly.

Scott and Lisa gave us their traditional warm and friendly welcome.

The first delicious meal set the pace for what all had heard they could expect: a weekend of great tasting and plentiful food. The fare included a scrumptious array of meals and snacks: a turkey dinner fit for royalty, macaroni and cheese - a favorite of many, hearty soups, a great variety of home made pizzas (even a bacon, egg, and cheese pizza breakfast), pancakes, hot chocolate and desserts that kept you craving, and many other delicious meals and snacks that prompted the boys to “check in” at the kitchen to see what they could find.

Though the rain that had been forecast for Saturday did come, the boys had no problem enjoying themselves indoors playing board games, listening to or making music (great drumming jams), or relaxing with a good videos.
One group of boys actually hiked in the rain.

Since there was no rain on Thursday, the boys had a great time outdoors where they got involved in a variety of fun-filled activities: football, basketball, hiking, looking for wild life, visiting the chicken coop, and exploring the surroundings. Of all the activities the boys took part in, the favorite of almost everyone one was the game of Bombardio. Many of the boys had never heard of the game, but once they learned it, it was hard to get them to stop.

Too much predicted rain suggested that the boys not stay in the tents but in the large plat formed yurt. Two staff members were in the yurt as well, and it provided a wonderful shelter for boys and staff. Of course, all had warm sleeping bags. The vigorous activity in the course of the day found the boys welcoming some quality ZZZ's.

As usual, the days at camp went by too quickly, and many of the campers would have liked to stay longer. But, we had to head home to Rockaway.

There were not too many awake on the long trip back. They took advantage of the journey to sleep (and perhaps dream about the next trip to camp).

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