Maybe you know Todd Ehalt. He lives in Apt. 4B and has served as a Marianist Volunteer. He had a weight training program for a number of the boys and often worked in the St. John’s store, The Red Door. Todd got to know me through the Switchboard. He learned that I had a serious kidney problem and was on dialysis.

I was surprised and moved when he told me that he would be willing to try to donate one of his kidneys to me. It was an act of wonderful generosity that touched me deeply.

Todd went through all of the appropriate tests and screenings to see whether or not it would be the right “match”. It looked as though things were okay, but other complications prompted the doctors to counsel against the transplant.

Even though the procedure is not going to take place, I wanted to thank Todd and let the family at St. John’s know of his beautiful generosity and willingness to undergo whatever was necessary to give me his kidney.

Thank you Todd and God bless you.

Submitted by Inez Richards

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