On March 15th, 2006, St. John’s Home marked the celebration of Chaminade Day. Actually, Chaminade Day is the 22nd of January. Circumstances necessitated postponing the event. However, it didn’t dampen the enthusiasm or the spirits of the group.

It was quiz kid day, and residents had the opportunity to sign up to be a quiz kid. That meant they had to study 23 questions and answers about Father Chaminade, the Marianists, and related topics.

At the appointed hour, there were three teams of five boys ready to go. A number of spectators watched as they masterfully handled the questions. Only a few boys missed. So, we were quite sure that a good number of the contestants learned much about the Marianists founder, Father Chaminade and the Marianists’ work throughout the world.

The winning team members received a cash award of $10.00 each. Since the other young men were so very close to winning and had obviously studied hard for the occasion, they were awarded $5.00.

The Marianist Community were all involved. Brother Tom Trager was the Quiz Master. Father Paul Landolfi served as the scorekeeper. Brother Ray Miklich was the timekeeper. Brother John Collins gave a presentation of historical background on the founding of the Marianists. Brother Steve O’Neil gave a presentation on the Marianist Sisters.

As you can see by the photos, it was an exciting and happy time for all concerned.

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