Each year, the residents who are in the Christmas Pageant cast are given the opportunity to go on a winter camping trip to Pompanuck Farms in Cambridge, New York. Pompanuck is the site of our summer camp program.

Of the eight cast members, four of the young men were discharged to family resources and were no longer at St. John’s. One boy could not join the camping trip because he was attending a memorial funeral service for his recently deceased grandmother.

We had only three young men, but we made the trip and had a wonderful time. Brother Tom Trager, Mr. Richard Gomez, and Mr. Wally Rodier made up the adult contingent.

The activities during the weekend of camp included observing how maple syrup is extracted from the trees and processed to ready it for sale. The young men also had the opportunity to hike the nature trails, play basketball, play chess, and visit the nearby monastery of New Skete, the same place our summer campers visited and met a litter of German Shepherd puppies. The monks at the monastery raise puppies and sell them to help support the monastery.

The meals at Pompanuck are always plentiful and tasty, thanks to Scott and Lisa Carrino, the managers of the camp. They are both great cooks!

The boys who were on the trip are already looking forward to the summer camping experience.
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