Spring Camp 2010

Pompanuck Farm

Although road work, with its time consuming detours and traffic jams, made getting out of the NYC area a torture, all was forgotten when we arrived at Pompanuck. For half of the boys, it was coming back to a familiar place that they have learned to love. For the other half, it would be an experience that they would not soon forget. It would have them hoping to return.

Lisa and Scott Carrino, the Program Directors, along with the easy-to-love dog and official Pompanuck mascot, Diogee, welcomed the crew with their customary warmth and enthusiasm.

The first order of the evening was to visit the yurt and get the sleeping bags set up. After some words of orientation; it was back to the round house for a very tasty meal of barbequed chicken, roasted potatoes, and a healthy salad. The desert was strawberry shortcake with ice cream. As you might guess, no complaints, rave reviews.

The rest of the evening was free time for exploring the property, playing cards, listening or playing music, watching a video, or whatever one liked to do. The long ride, hearty meal, and country air made the warmth of the sleeping bags inviting.

A chilly rising, but the open faced New York bagels with an assorted option of toppers: (eggs, sliced ham, American and Swiss cheese) or cereal and muffins with orange juice were well worth the trip down the hill to the Round House dining room. The sun grew stronger as the day went on, and the morning hours were filled with everything from hunting for pond life to basketball, or personalizing chairs to watching the rooster manage his flock of hens.

After lunching on hamburgers, cheeseburgers, chicken salad, and vegetable salad, the boys were ready for a second round of activity under inviting blue skies. The options included searching for animals, football, basketball and Frisbee. Although the temperature of the pond was anything but warm, many of the boys braved it and went swimming. The bright sun helped keep the air warm enough to make a swim inviting.

There was a hike scheduled for Friday afternoon, but the attractive distraction of the pond prompted an activity change, and the hike was placed after the evening meal. Since the evening meal was a variety of home made pizzas, the boys wolfed many a slice down and had good reason to get on the road.

A very tired troop returned from the hike for some down time in the Round House. When the crew returned to the yurt, some climbed into their sleeping bags and off to dreamland. Others hung around on the yurt deck philosophizing on everything from wildlife to God and man.

It was a good thing that the boys were in the yurt and not tents on Friday evening because there was a tremendous thunderstorm, accompanied by the thunder and lightening that would have made sleeping in tents frightening and dangerous.

Saturday morning's pancake and bacon breakfast soon became a part of the hungry campers. Rainy weather kept the gang inside for the morning hours, but everyone did something he enjoyed, be that some game or activity or just catching some quality zees on one of the comfortable couches.

After a lunch of grilled cheese, deviled eggs, and salad, some of the boys hit the basketball court, others pursued their animal hunt and others continued the activity they had started before the lunch break

On and off afternoon showers had the boys in and out of the house, doing the things they found enjoyable. Many of the campers enjoyed relaxing in the pond side sauna before and after the stuffed shells and eggplant parmesan dinner. A cupcake and ice cream snack showed up a little later, and the boys relaxed in the Round House before heading for the yurt.

It was hard to get out of the sleeping bags, but the chill of the morning helped get the guys moving. They packed their gear and headed for the traditional bacon, egg and cheese breakfast pizza. Then, the final clean up, debriefing meeting, group photo, and goodbye hugs and handshakes. We were on the road and heading for the Big Apple.

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