Spring Camp 2015

Pompanuck Farm

The 2015 Spring camping trip this year had some special features that previous years did not.   One was Lisa Carrino’s historical tour of the town of Cambridge.  Lisa pointed out many interesting sites in the town. During the tour, we heard a train blowing its horn.   The only train that passed through the area did so very rarely, and all assumed it was not that train.  The whistle got closer and closer, and lo and behold, it was that very engine and two car train that slowly lumbered by on the tracks that, only a few minutes earlier, all of us enjoyed balancing ourselves as we walked on the rails.  (See photos).

Scott has a friend who promised Scott that he would bring a dozen mature catfish to help stock the swimming pond.  He showed up with one very large catfish and released him into the pond after answering many questions and telling the campers a great deal about catfish that most people don’t know.

In addition to these special features, the boys enjoyed Bombardio, hiking, playing manhunt, sitting in the sauna and plunging into the pond (more than once), playing basketball, Frisbee, outdoor ping pong and other activities.  Of course, they all enjoyed the tasty and plentiful meals.  The weather was fine, despite the fact that rain was predicted to come.  It did, but only while all slept.

All agreed, it was a wonderful camping trip.

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