The pictures say it all! It was another successful camp trip to Pompanuck Farm in Cambridge, New York. Campers Kalvin, Damont, George, Robert, Dens, Jonathan, Ronald, Christopher, Adrian, Jose and Rashamel along with staff members Ms. Charmaine, Mr. Nate, Mr. Mike, Ms. Jane, Mr. Wally and Brother Tom pulled into Pompanuck about 7:30 PM.

Though the campers arrived somewhat later than planned due to unavoidable circumstances, the welcome from Scott and Lisa and their lovable dog Dioggi, was as warm and friendly as always.

From then on in, it was a fun-filled experience for all concerned. Many spent long hours in the pond. A couple of the boys at Pompanuck arrived non swimmers but left swimmers. The food was delicious and plentiful from the first scrumptious meal of seasoned chicken cutlets, rice, fresh from the garden salad, and corn bread to the breakfast bacon, egg and cheese pizza enthusiastically devoured the morning of departure. No one left any meal hungry

In addition to the pond activities, the boys enjoyed playing basketball, Frisbee, hiking, jamming with the instruments, crafting their own personalized walking sticks, searching for snakes, frogs, and whatever other wildlife they could find, playing board games, or just “chillin” in some comfortable spot.

All the boys and staff members Mr. Nate and Mr. Mike, bunked in the yurt (though there were no bunks as such). They put their sleeping bags directly on the floor.

Threatening lightning storms the final evening did not permit an outdoor campfire, but the group gathered in the living room on the second floor of the roundhouse. Lisa gave the group a little history of Pompanuck and read them a short story, Mr. Wally, along with Christopher and Jose’s guitar accompaniment, offered a couple of sing-a-long songs, Scott played and sung one of his own compositions, and Mr. Mike gave a narrative with a very effective drum background offered by Scott, Adrian, and Christopher.
And, lest a great campfire tradition go unobserved, Ms. Charmaine and Scott prepared a delicious batch of smores in-house. Needles to say, those treats soon became part of all present.

On the morning of departure, the boys helped clean up the breakfast dishes and property. Then all met in the round house. Words of appreciation were many and heartfelt. Those boys who were first timers at the camp and had not gotten a Pompanuck pendant were presented with one. The traditional group photo was taken and the vans loaded for the trip back to St. John’s where the boys would share many a story about their wonderful experience at Pompanuck and hope to have the opportunity to go there in the future.

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