Each year, our camping experience gets better and better. As we sat around the campfire during the final evening, Scott remarked that it seems as though things improve every year. So they get better and better and better. All agreed. This was the best yet!

The residents attending this year’s program included: Felmaxz, Mike J, Mike B, José, Dolorez, Adan, Juanca, Taheem, Mitchell and Angel. Along with them, came an excellent counseling team staff including Greg, Tony, and Mike. In addition, Wally and Jane Rodier added to the staff along with Brother Tom. Of course, Scott and Lisa Carrino were also an important part of the success of our weekend.

The boys enjoyed many activities: swimming, basketball, chasing chickens, preparing personal pizza, hiking, sweating in the sauna, making music, and challenging chess matches.

This year, there was some extra excitement. The boys visited a farm where a best selling author of dog books, introduced them to some donkeys, dogs, and sheep. It was much more than a simple introduction, however. He explained many interesting things about the farm animals and demonstrated how the Border Collie, Red, was excellent in his focus on work and obedience to his master. No other camp group had the opportunity to enjoy this trip to Mr. Katz’s farm. They also visited Mrs. Katz’s studio. She had many interesting arts and crafts in her workshop.

Ordinarily, Scott Carrino, a master baker, would make pizzas for the boys. This year, he thought it would be good to give each boy a pizza crust and all of the garnishments wanted. In other words, each boy created a personal pizza. The boys would take the pizza and put on whatever they wanted from the nice array of toppings. It was a big hit!

At the final evening campfire, the boys shared what they liked about the weekend, and Scott and Brother Tom offered some inspirational reflections. After that, the boys went to their yurt and had the final pillow fight. The next morning, we were on our way, after breakfast and the standard group photo. Many slept in the van on the way home, but all will surely have sweet dreams about a great weekend. They are already asking about our next trip.

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