The camping trip at Pompanuck Farms in Cambridge New York (May 19-22) featured a host of activities.

The weather held out despite some rumors of rain. Of course, there was the ever popular swimming and a couple of sessions in the sauna. One very exciting trip was our outing to the farm of John Katz and his wife Marie. It wasn’t the first time at John’s farm for some of the boys, but most had not been there before. They were very eager to meet John and Marie’s animals. A beautiful horse, a couple of charming donkeys, some sheep, and, most impressive of all, two border collies that strutted their stuff at John’s commands, rounding up the sheep with great efficiency: all kept the boy’s attention.

Lisa Carrino gave the boys a tour of the on-property bakery, explaining the various equipment and procedures that make it possible to turn out the excellent bread, cakes and cookies that keep the patrons of Pompanuck’s Round House Café coming back for more.

Bombardio, a dodge ball style game, kept the kids running, and a hike up Mount Tom kept the walking and climbing and swatting mosquitos. Some football, basketball, frisbee, indoor table games, music (some learning to play) – all the daily activities made the comfy yurt distinctly attractive to the weary gang.

The final evening, Scott Carrino gave each boy a personal pizza crust and encouraged him to create his own pizza using the many garnishments available. Very creative and tasty pizzas came out of the oven and were soon on their way down gullets.
After the pizza feast, all sat around the campfire and talked about their experiences, highlighting the activities they liked the most. Of course, toasted marshmallows were in abundance. Then all to the yurt.

Departure morning, we all stopped by the Round House Café and took a group picture with Scott and Lisa. Then back to Rockaway Park.

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