March 6th to 9th, 2014

As anyone who lives in the northeast of the US readily knows, snow was plentiful.  When the white stuff causes inconveniences, it can be a pain in the neck.  Not so if you are playing in it, and that is what St. John’s winter camp participants did during their winter camp trip to Pompanuck Farm in Cambridge, New York.

After a smooth trip up, the boys were welcomed by Scott and Lisa Carrino (as well Dioggi their friendly old dog).  There was a hearty meal on the stove.  Since the temperature was too cold for the boys and counseling staff to bunk in the yurt, they shared the floor of the Round House, with its fireplace and cozy environment.

The very next day, the boys grabbed the sleds and headed for the slope.  The snow was too deep to allow the sleds any significant speed,  When that problem came to the attention of Mr. Wally, a maintenance man on the property, he used a snowblower to clear a speedy and exciting track.  It was downhill from then on.  Adan, Michael, Mitchell, Dolorez, Felmaxz, Juane, Ricardo, Luis, and Counselors, Greg Hester, Mike Morgan, and Mike Jordan, as well as Ms. Alissa and Brother Tom, all enjoyed the exciting ride down.  No injuries on the slope.  A fringe benefit, but not a welcome one, was the climb back up the slope with sled in hand.  It sure built up the leg muscles.  Mr. Wally Rodier was on the spot and caught the activities on film. (see photos).

In addition to the snow play, the boys also enjoyed many a fun filled hour playing all sorts of board games, doing jigsaw puzzles, and trying their hand at some of the musical instruments often with the help of Wally Rodier.

A visit to the New Skete Monastery gave some of the boys a chance to see the grounds and visit the new litter of thoroughbred German Shepherds.  The boys also enjoyed the sauna; 15 minutes in, a roll in the snow, and then back to the sauna.  Not too may snow rollers.  Some just came out of the sauna, felt the frigid cold and headed back to the sauna.

The weather was perfect, the meals tasty and plentiful, and the family spirit that marked our days there made it a truly joyful and spirited   Thanks again to Scott and Lisa for another WINNER!  We are now looking forward to summer camp.

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